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Controller of Examinations [COE]

All the matters pertaining to items of Academic and Examinations (Autonomous). Declaration of Examination Notifications, Timetables, Results, Issuance of official transcripts, Marks Memos to the Students.

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15-11-2018 [Result Sheet] B.E. (1 candidate) (Late submission) viva voce examination held in October -2018
08-11-2018 [Time Table] B.E. (CBCS) III-Semester Main & Backlog and B.E. II Year I-Semester Old Bridge Course Examinations, December-2018/January-2019
01-11-2018 [Time Table] B.E. (CBCS) III-Semester Main (New) and Backlog (Old) Examinations, Dec.-2018
01-11-2018 [Time Table] B.E. (CBCS) I-Semester Main (New) & Backlog (Old) Examinations, December2018/January-2019
01-11-2018 [Time Table] B.E. (CBCS) V-Semester Main (New) and B.E. III Year I-Semester Backlog (Old) Examinations, Dec.-2018
20-11-2018 [Circular] B.E. and M.E. M.Tech. Odd Semester candidates are hereby informed to note the following changes additions to Examinations Time tables Released earlier.
22-10-2018 [Notification] B.E. I-Semester (CBCS) Main theory examinations
01-11-2018 [Time Table] B.E. IV Year I-Semester Main & Backlog Examinations, Dec.-2018
09-11-2018 [Notification] B.E. Odd Semester Examinations - Equivalency of Courses
20-09-2018 [Notification] III-Semester (CBCS) & V-Semester (CBCS) Main & Backlog, I-Semester (CBCS) Backlog
01-11-2018 [Time Table] III-Semester Main (New) and Backlog (Old), December-2018 and V-Semester Main and III Year ISemester Backlog, December-2018
22-10-2018 [Notification] M.E./M.Tech (CBCS) I-Semester theory examinations
01-11-2018 [Time Table] M.E./M.Tech. (CBCS) I-Semester Main Examinations, Jan.-2018
22-11-2018 [Notification] M.E./M.Tech. III-Semester Project Seminar Presentation & Evaluation Examinations will be conducted from 17th to 22th December 2018.
15-11-2018 [Result Sheet] M.E./M.Tech. IV-Semester (Late submission) viva voce examination held in October -2018