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Students Placement Information for the Academic Year 2015-2016 as on 06-07-2016
S.No.OrganizationPackage (Lakhs p.a. Rs.)CSEECEEEEITMech.CivilMCAME-ECEME-MechME-COMMME-CSEME-EEETotal
1Oracle India Private Ltd., 7.55--2--------7
2Deloitte Consulting (India) Private Limited 6.29823--------22
3Accolite Software India Pvt. Ltd 103-----------3
4Mu-Sigma 4.311--1-------3
5NetCracker 5.28648--------26
6Accenture 3.55471224348154-----257
7Cognizant 3.3534521827231022-511175
9CapGemini India3.1517228411111-29
10Unistring Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd Internship (5K) & Employment 2-------1-31-5
11Progress Software Development Private Limited Internship12.5K pm-------1----1
12Cybage Software India Private Limited2.862-5--------13
13Kony Labs (through Mission R & D)7.24-----------4
14UX Reactor 3--1-2-------3
15UURMI Systems Pvt. Ltd. (Internship) 7.5K pm----------1-1
16Hyundai Mobis India Limited3.7535-3--------11
17Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt. Ltd (ACT) 3.75---2--------2
18ADP India 431----------4
19Pramati Technologies Private Limited (through Mission R & D)6---1--------1
20Thomson Reuters (Internship) 8.0K pm----------1-1
21Pega Systems7.232-2--------7
22Computer Science Corporation (CSC) (Big Data Vertical)3.55--2--1-----8
23NTT Data 3----11------2
24CDK Global4.531-2--------6
25soCtronics (through VEDA IIT)3-21----1----4
26Polaris Financial Technology Ltd3.5---1--------1
27Zetagile (Internship)5K pm----------2-2
28Mytrah Energy (India) Limited3.751-2--1------4
29Applaud Solutions India (P) Ltd4.50 to 5.003--1--1-----5
30AMD R&D Center India Pvt Ltd Internship (25K) & Employment7.2-------1-1--2
31Callidus Cloud India Private Limited6.421--2--------3
32Customfurnish India Private Limited (Internship) 12K pm3-----------3
33Hexagon Capability Center India Pvt. Ltd.(HCCI)4.753-----------3
34Reva Solutions Internship (5K per month) & Employment2.42--1--3-----6
35United Health Group (UHG) 3.58958--------30
36BlackKnight Financial Services Internship (10K per month) & Employment1.81--2--------3
37Hitachi Consulting Software Services India Pvt. Ltd.4.25------1-----1
38Value Labs Internship (7.5K pm) & Employment1.80------2-----2
39Avaya India Private Limited Internship (15K pm) & Employment6.00---------1--1
40RedPine Signals Inc.,3.5013----------4
41PamTen Inc., Internship (10K pm) & Employment ( Lakhs p.a.)2.403--2--2---1-8
42Persistent Systems Limited3.754-----------4
43Safal Solutions., Internship (5K pm) & Employment1.80------2---2-4
44FTD Inida Private Limited3.752-----------2
45Rubicon Red Software India Private Limited3.50----------1-1
46Sarayodha Softech India Private Limited ( Lakhs p.a.)1.501-----------1
47Capital IQ India5.84---1--------1
48KTree Computer Solutions India Pvt Ltd2.001--1--------2
49Oracle India Private Ltd., (Vertical : 'Applications Developmentā€™ )7.506--2--------8
50Value Lab2.00---4--------4
51Host Analytics (Intern) (Rs 15K p.m)15K p.m---2--------2
53SKS Microfinance Limited3.00---2--------2
54Samsung R&D Institute India7.503-----------3
55Huawei Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.7.5032----------5
56Aarvee Associates Architects Engineers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd.3.60-----4------4
57RasterĀ Technologies1.80-----2------2
58FMC Technologies India Pvt Ltd5.54----3-------3
59Ashoka Developers & Builders Ltd.2.00--3--3------6
60Arani Power Systems1.80----1-------1
61Agile CRM3.00---11-------2
62Abacus Service Corporation2.4011--1-------3
63ValueMomentum Software Services3.501-----------1
Gross Selections-2402357817213956218313115981
Net Selections-1221274696943418531165567
% of Selelctions-91.7392.7075.4182.0575.2057.6366.6735.7121.4373.3342.8627.7877.25

1No of students with 1 Offer(s)304
2No of students with 2 Offer(s)157
3No of students with 3 Offer(s)67
4No of students with 4 Offer(s)33
5No of students with 5 Offer(s)6
Net Selections567

Bachelor of Engineering [B.E] Campus Placements Details - 2015 - 2016

S.No.BranchNo. of Students
GrossNet% of Selection
1CSE 133 240 122 91.73
2 ECE 137 235 127 92.70
3 EEE 61 78 46 75.41
4IT 117 172 96 82.05
5 MECHANICAL 125 139 94 75.20
6 CIVIL 59 56 34 57.63
Total 632 920 519 82.12

1No of students with 1 Offer(s)265
2No of students with 2 Offer(s)150
3No of students with 3 Offer(s)66
4No of students with 4 Offer(s)32
5No of students with 5 Offer(s)6
Net Selections519