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Department of Information Technology

Alumni Activities Conducted

S.No.TitleAlumni NameDate From
1 Technical Talk on DBMS, Sai Akhilesh, 23-02-2019
2 Technical talk on Full stack Development, N. Akhil, 25-01-2019
3 Technical Talk on “Voice Recognition-Intro to DialogFlow”, Mani Sai Tejaswi, 27-10-2018
4 Guest Lecture on Coding Skills in IT, Anusha Rallabandi, 22-09-2018
5 Placement Orientation for “Salesforce” , M. Akshay, 30-08-2018
6 Placement Orientation Session on “Cracking Oracle & Accolite Interview”, Prasagnya, Nikhil, Smayana, Priyanka, 07-07-2018
7 Placement Orientation Session on “Cracking Oracle & Accolite Interview”, Nikhil, 07-07-2018
8 Technical talk on “Python”, Mr. K. Surya Kiran, 31-03-2018
9 Technical Talk on “Emerging Technologies in IT”, Ashwini Nunna, 15-02-2018
10 Technical talk on "Scripting Languages: PowerShell", Sri Haripriya, Software Developer, S&P Global, 10-11-2017
11 Technical talk on Data Structures, Sri Ramya, Software Engineer, JP Morgan & Chase, 16-09-2017
12 Guest Lecture on “Programming & Mission R&D Selection Process”, Phanindra K N, Data Engineer, Amazon, 16-09-2017
13 Technical Talk on Python, K.Surya Kiran, Software Engineer-II, Teradata, 19-08-2017
14 Placement Orientation on “Technical Tips for Pega Systems”, V. Mihira, Associate Solutions Engineer, Pega Systems, 29-07-2017
15 Placement Orientation on “How to get placed in Deloitte”, M. Srikar, Technical Business Analyst, Deloitte, 01-04-2017
16 Career Guidance session on "Working environment in Pega Systems", P. Shankar, Senior Solutions Engineer, Pega Systems, 18-02-2017
17 Career Guidance on "Upcoming Technologies", Mr. Ali Intakhab, Java Architect, Tech Mahindra, 18-10-2016
18 Career Guidance on "Placement Preperation", Ms. Spoorthi Karnati, Assistant Software Engineer, Franklin Templeton, 29-09-2016
19 Technical Tips for Pega Drive, Ms. P. Sridevi, Associate Solutions Engineer, Pega, 20-08-2016
20 Career Guidance, Ms. Revathi, Software Engineer, Deloitte, 25-07-2016
21 Technical Tips for Oracle, Ms. Mounika, Software Engineer, Oracle, 16-07-2016
22 Technical Talk on "Oracle ADF", Mr. R. S. Sai Kumar, Senior Analyst, Deloitte, 18-04-2016
23 Mock Interviews, Mr. Radha Madhav, Senior Engineer, Oracle, 05-03-2016
24 Mock Interviews, Mr. R.S.Sai Kumar, Senior Analyst, Deloitte, 20-02-2016
25 Career Guidance Session on "Tips for Technical Interview", Ms. P. Neelima, Software Engineer, ADP, 30-01-2016
26 Placement Orientation, Mr. Radha Madhav, Software Engineer, Oracle Mr. Sai Kiran, Software Engineer, Deloitte, 10-10-2015
27 Technical Talk on "Data Structures", Mr. K. Surya Kiran, Software Engineer, Teradata, 12-09-2015
28 Career Guidance on "Industrial Exposure on current tools and frameworks", Ms. E. Hasya, SDET, Host Analytics Ms. Sucharitha, SE, Factset Ms. Spoorthi, GET, FT , 29-08-2015
29 Career Guidance on "Skills required in the IT Industry", Mr. Radha Krishna G, Senior Engineer, Oracle Corp, 22-08-2015
30 Guest Lecture on "Latest business intelligence(BI) tools and applications", Mr.Nilesh Kumar, BusinessAnalyst, Featz LazyNinja Pvt. Limited, 18-04-2015
31 Technical talk on "Dot Net Framework", R Mounika, Software Analyst, Intergraph, 30-03-2015
32 Career Guidance on "Skills for working in IT Industry", Chaitanya Kishore, Product Manager & Content Head, Featz Interactive Systems, 23-02-2015
33 Technical talk on "Development of Custome Interfaces for In-Pursuit record Management Systems using .NET", Vaishnavi, Software Analyst, Intergraph, 29-01-2015
34 Guest Lecture on "Career options after placements", Rahul Kishore Singh, Co-Founder, Place Team Vivek Varma, Rapra Designing Solutions, 27-10-2014
35 Teview on Data Structrues, Mr. P. Vijay Kumar, Sr, R&D Engineer, Synopsys, 09-10-2014
36 Technical Talk on "Best Practicves in Proramming Languages", Ms. Joshna, SE, Teradata, 13-09-2014
37 Career Guidance, Mr. Teja, Microsoft Mr. Abhinay, Oracle Mr. Krishna Chaitanya, Intergraph Mr. Abhinav, Capgemini Ms. Mounika, Deloitte Ms. Chandrika, Deloitte Ms.Chinmayee, Cognizant , 13-09-2014
38 Career Guidance Session, Ms. Harsh Sharma, Analyst, Deloitte, 16-08-2014
39 Guest Lecture on "Data Structures", Mr. Surya Kiran Kalla, QA, ADP, 16-08-2014