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Research & Development [R & D]

R & D

R & D Cell co-ordinates sponsored research, collaborative research and industrial consultancy projects at VASAVI College of Engineering. Through such projects, VCE is strengthening the R & D capabilities of the faculty and students and participate in Industries problem solving. VCE has experienced academicians and researchers from various R & D units of the country. In making our vision and mission a reality, VCE has taken the initiative to promote innovations of faculty and students and collaborate with Industries for mutual benefit.


Numerical solutions, Wavelets, Mathematical problem solving, Number theory, Microcontroller designs, Embedded systems, automotive embedded design, data warehousing and data mining, VLSI design, Speech processing, Speech recognition, Digital signal Processing, Networking, GIS, Optical Imaging, CCD/CMOS/IR systems, Lasers and optoelectronics, optoelectronic packaging, optical interconeects, Industrial optics, optics designs, Robotics and automation, Manufacturing, automobile Engg, RF and Microwave communications