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Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) - M.Tech.

  • To provide students with the in depth knowledge in the area of Computer Science and Engineering to enable them to analyze and solve complex engineering problems.
  • To provide the required knowledge to the students and prepare them to pursue research in the area of Computer Science and Engineering.
  • To inculcate effective communication, teamwork and leadership skills and demonstrate an ability to relate engineering issues to social context.
  • To impart professional, ethical and social attitude and demonstrate the ability towards reflective learning needed for a successful career.

Program Outcomes (POs) - M.Tech.

  • PO1: Acquire in depth knowledge in the area of Computer science and engineering including allied subjects to enable them to discriminate, evaluate and analyze existing and new knowledge and acquire capability for enhancement knowledge
  • PO2: Analyze complex engineering problems and apply acquired knowledge independently for synthesizing information to make intellectual advances for conducting research
  • PO3: Think laterally and originally and explore potential solutions for problems and arrive at feasible, optimal solutions after considering various factors in the area of computer science and engineering
  • PO4: Will demonstrate ability to carry out literature survey in the area of computer science and engineering to extract information pertinent to unfamiliar problems, will be able to apply appropriate methodologies tools to design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data, contribute to the development of scientific/technological knowledge.
  • PO5: Apply appropriate techniques and use modern engineering tools to solve complex engineering problems.
  • PO6: Contribute positively to collaborate multidisciplinary scientific research and demonstrate ability for self management and teamwork, to achieve common goals
  • PO7: Graduate will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply these to manage projects efficiently after considering economical and financial factors
  • PO8: Communicate with the community and society, write effective reports and make presentations and being able to comprehend effectively.
  • PO9: Identify the need for preparation and ability to engage in lifelong learning with high level commitment to improve knowledge and competence continuously.
  • PO10: Demonstrate professional and intellectual integrity, follow professional code of conduct, understand the impact on research outcomes on professional practices and responsibly contribute to the community for sustainable development of society
  • PO11: Observe and examine critically the outcomes of one's actions and make corrective measures without depending on external feedback

Programme Specific Outcomes - M.Tech.

  • PSO1: Graduates will be able to design efficient algorithms and develop solutions for engineering problems.
  • PSO2: Graduates will possess knowledge in specialized areas of computer science and Engineering.
  • PSO3: Graduates will be able to take-up higher education and research and development (R&D).