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Embedded Systems & VLSI Design [ECE][ME]

Present day gadgets call for systems, which are self-sustained and self-adjustable for meeting different conditions. This calls for processors to be integrated into the products. These are called Embedded systems. The complex circuits are realized using VLSI. Therefore, the course on Embedded Systems & VLSI is appropriate for meeting the present day needs of the electronic industry. This program has two parts. Part I deals with the requirements of VLSI for Embedded Systems, and Part II deals with realization of these VLSI circuits.


The department has well-qualified and experienced faculty in the relevant areas of Embedded Systems, Computers, Microelectronics and VLSI. Out of the 32 faculty members of the department, nearly 10 of them are actively associated with this P.G. Program.


To carry out this program effectively, the department collaborates with relevant industries and interactes with GAETEC. This arrangement enables us to undertake meaningful projects and places students in the relevant sectors.


VLSI Design lab was established almost two years ago, and has 20 Compaq P IV systems along with EDA tools from Mentor Graphics. In due course, 5 licenses of Synopsis tools will be added.