Power Systems and Power Electronics [EEE][ME]

The undergraduate program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering provides the basic foundation of science and engineering subjects in the first year and understanding of various core subjects in the field of electrical and electronics engineering in the subsequent three years. This knowledge and exposure helps the students to secure jobs in various industries as practicing engineers. However, the technological advances in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering call for graduates specialized in post graduate studies in many industries, institutions and research labs. There is a wide gap between supply and demand of electrical energy in India. Various infrastructure projects are being undertaken by the Government, Public and Private sectors to bridge this gap. Renewable energy sources are also being undertaken from the stand point of environmental considerations and as alternative energy sources. Power electronics is making energy conversion quite efficient. It finds application in industries, home appliances, consumer industries, transportation, space exploration etc. Presently, power electronics is also used in power systems. An in depth knowledge is expected in the field of Power System and Power Electronics. The PG Program in “Power Systems and Power Electronics” serves to meet this objective of providing in-depth knowledge.


The department has well qualified and experienced faculty from IITs, NITs, BHEL, etc., to offer courses and guide students in the PG program in power systems and power electronics.


A well-equipped computer simulation laboratory, Power Systems and Power Electronics laboratories are available in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department to successfully conduct the PG program.