The pace of progress in the field of Science & Technology in this millennium has overshadowed the speed of Technological changes in the past decades. In this millennium, this pace would intensify and may even reach a state beyond our imagination. Technical Symposiums like Acumen are an effort to catch up with the pace of technological innovation.

Acumen triggered off in the year 1996. It was the first of its kind in Hyderabad and had an overwhelming response. It paved way to Acumen '99, which was a great success, too. Around 180 papers from various parts of the country were received and students from various universities and institutes like IIT, NIT etc. have participated in this symposium.

ACUMEN is a one-day festival. The event seeks to achieve communication of innovative ideas that promote the cause of the technological advantage among the students, and also keep them abreast with the latest advances in their respective fields. It also opens a window to the participants to interact with people from different backgrounds and upgrade their knowledge.

The theme "YOUTH-TECHNOLOGY-FUTURE" asserts the fact that the future of technology lies in the hands of the youth.

This is the time for the students to explore & exhibit their talents in the areas related to academic routine. The events conducted during this festival are Technical Grand Prix, Poster Presentation, Rocketry, LAN Party, Constructors Championship, Technocraftz and spot events like Techno Witz, MineSweeper, Puzzle 'O' Mania, and PotPouri.