The department of Humanities and Social Sciences offers courses in English and Economics. The rigorous program in English prepares students for careers in academic and other leadership fields while the course in Economics prepares students to face dynamic challenges of the business world.

The department has well-established language laboratories that provides training in communication and interpersonal skills, reading skills and strategies, writing skills, accent neutralisation, soft skills and presentation skills. These skills are further enhanced by courses offered in Critical thinking, English for competitive examinations, Technical writing and professional presentations.

The English Language Lab is equipped with Multimedia that has 34 computer systems containing Hi-Class platform software. The language software include Sky pronunciation suite, Connected Speech, and ‘Let’s do Business’.

The total cost of the major equipment and licensed software is about Rs. 31.00 lakhs.

The department has a well-qualified team of facilitators consisting of 7 faculty, headed by Dr. Jacqueline Amaral, and trainers with industry experience. Three faculty members are doctorates and the others are soon to be awarded. Together the faculty strive to keep up with the true spirit of the department’s mission.

Department Mission

To enhance the ‘communicative language competencies and interpersonal skills’ of the budding professionals

  • to meet the ever changing demands of a competitive world and
  • to make ‘strategic business decisions’

by creating a learning rich environment conducive for effective communication.