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Professional Bodies

The vision of Professional Societies cell is to develop student’s academic, professional and personality development skills through various programs, activities arranged by the association. To monitor and control effective conduct of such program ensuring regular attendance, active participation and involvement of students.


  • To build technical skills among students in a professional way
  • To organise career enhancement and knowledge sharing activities among students and faculty members.
  • To inspire, nurture and assist students to integrate into the IT community
  • To bridge the gap between the industry and academia
  • To induce and inculcate leadership qualities


student members will be able to

  • Organize seminar and workshops for students and faculty members
  • Develop applications using the latest tools and technologies
  • Perform well in placement interviews and written tests and thus enhancing their career prospects
  • Demonstrate their technical expertise by conducting training/workshops for others
  • Comprehend research articles and technical write-ups by regular reading of Professional Society journals