Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) has its headquarters at NEW DELHI. ISTE has over 430 CHAPTERS and they are expected to be the most vibrant group in the organisational structure of ISTE. A programme unit was set up at the headquarters in Delhi by the Human Resource Development in 1972 with the objective of coordinating various quality improvement programmes and organising summer /winter school programmes for engineering colleges and polytechnic teachers. Since April 1994, this unit has been fully financed and staffed by the AICTE. The funds allotted to the programme unit are for specific activities stipulated by AICTE and cannot be diverted to the activities of the society. All programmes of the programme unit are organised as per the AICTE norms and rules. The ISTE Chapter at Vasavi College of Engineering was established in November 1991. The chapter consists of 52 life members and 03 annual members registered as on AUGUST 1999.

Membership Fees - Life membership Fee Rs. 2,000 + Rs. 50 [admission fee] and Annual membership fee Rs. 200 + Rs. 50 [admission fee].

Chapter Activities

  • Lecture by guest faculty / industry personnel / local faculty returning from training programmes, seminars / local faculty.
  • Training programme for a group of teachers by local / guest experts, i.e., Computer awareness, CAD/CAM, teaching.
  • Methods, project report writing, use of teaching aids.
  • Visits to work sites, industries, exhibitions, R & D organisations.
  • Quiz programmes, competitions.
  • Organising programmes using course modules available with ISTE.
  • Chapter level training programmes.