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VLCC Femina Miss India World 2020 - Manasa Varanasi

VLCC Femina Miss India World 2020 - Manasa Varanasi

23-year-old, Manasa Varanasi was born in the heart of Hyderabad, she has spent the past 8 years living and growing in the city. Over the years, along with building memories, she built a sense of attachment to the city and she thus calls it her home. She believes that she is inseparable from the city. It’s in her mind, her heart, the poetry that she writes, and her love for food.

She thinks that it is the city that has shaped her immeasurably. While growing up, she was a shy child and instead preferred to express herself through Bharatanatyam and Sangeetam.

These artforms coupled with her volunteering experiences have taught her the most important lessons on curiosity and courage. Her interests are diverse - ranging from books, music, yoga and dreamy skies.

She takes it upon herself to observe things that usually go unnoticed and this helps her truly live in the moment.

She works as a financial information exchange analyst and enjoys exploring the world of finance with her adored teammates.

She believes that in order to achieve anything, you need to have the courage to ask for it by being there. She embraces her courage to take a chance and make something extraordinary of it. She was highly inspired by Sonu Sood as she appreciated him for the real-life superhero that he is and Elizabeth Gilbert who is one of her favourite authors.

About winning the title of Miss India, she had already accepted her destiny. She was hopeful and confident in her abilities and preparation, but she knew that winning is out of one’s hands – destiny, luck, the competition everything matters. She knew that the nerve-wracking thing about a contest such as this is that everything can change in an instant. So, while she was very proud of her achievement, she was humbled and grateful that her stars were aligned for her.