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(A) Circular : B.E. IV Semester Open Elective Registration Schedule.

(B) List of 3 credit courses

S. No. Depar tment Course Code Name of the Course Name of Faculty Member Branches that can opt No. of Credits No. Of Sections to be offered
1 Civil U21OE410CE Disaster Management Dr. K. Jayasree  CSE, CSE (AI&ML), ECE, EEE, IT, MECH 3 1
2 CSE U21OE410CS Introduction to Software Engineering Mr. P. Narsaiah  Civil,  ECE, EEE and MECH 3 1
3 CSE U21OE420CS Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming Dr. P. Bhargavi  Civil,  ECE, EEE and MECH 3 1
4 ECE U21OE410EC Mathematical Programming for Engineers Dr. K. Krishna Kishore  Civil, CSE, CSE (AI&ML), EEE, IT, MECH 3 1
5 ECE U21OE420EC Introduction to Communication Systems Mr. S. Naveen Kumar CSE, CSE (AI&ML) & IT 3 1
6 EEE U21OE411EE PSpice Modelling for Electrical Circuits Dr. K. Ramakrishna Reddy Civil, CSE, CSE (AI&ML), ECE, IT, MECH 3 1
7 MECH U21OE410ME Optimization Methods Dr. P.V.S. Subhashini Civil, CSE, CSE (AI&ML), ECE, EEE, IT 3 1
8 IT U21OE410IT Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Mrs. S. Aruna Civil,  ECE, EEE,  MECH 3 1
9 IT U21OE420IT Essentials of Mathematical Programming Using Python Mrs. D.R.L. Prasanna Civil,  ECE, EEE,  MECH 3 1
10 H&SS U21OE430EH Critical Thinking Ms. Ruhi Sood Ms. Leena George Civil, CSE, CSE (AI&ML), ECE, EEE, IT, MECH 3 2
11 H&SS U21OE420EH Technical Writing and Professional Presentations Ms. Sapam Lucy Civil, CSE, CSE (AI&ML), ECE, EEE, IT, MECH 3 1
12 Mathematics U21OE410MA Numerical Methods Dr. T. Ramprasad Mr. M. V. Rao CSE, CSE (AI&ML)& IT 3 2