(A) Circular : B.E. VI Semester Open Elective Registration Schedule.

(B) List of 3 credit courses

S. No. Depar tment Course Code Name of the Course Name of Faculty Member Branches that can opt No. of Credits
1 Civil U20OE610CE Project Management Mrs. P. Dhatri CSE, CSE (AI&ML), ECE, EEE, IT, MECH 3
2 CSE U20OE610CS Introduction to Databases Dr. E. Shailaja Civil, EEE, ECE and Mech 3
3 CSE U20OE620CS Basics of JAVA Programming Ms. A. Deepthi Civil, EEE, ECE and Mech 3
4 ECE U20OE610EC Internet of Things and Application Mr. V. Krishna Mohan EEE and IT 3
5 ECE U20OE620EC Introduction to Mobile Communication Mr. Khaja Fasiuddin CSE, CSE (AI&ML) and IT 3
6 EEE U20OE6lOEE Mathematical Programming for Numerical Computation Ms. Sheik Ruksana Civil, CSE, CSE (AI&ML),  IT, MECH 3
7 MECH U20OE610ME Additive Manufacturing and its Applications Mrs. S. Kerthana Civil, CSE, CSE (AI&ML), ECE,  EEE, IT 3
8 MECH U20OE630ME Industrial Administration and Financial Management Dr.P.V.Gopal Krishna ECE 3
9 IT U20OE610IT Web application Development & Security Ms. S.Renuka Civil, ECE, EEE and Mech. 3
10 IT U20OE620IT Introduction to Machine Learning Ms. S.Aruna ECE & EEE 3
11 IT U20OE630IT Fundamentals of Machine Learning Ms. M.Satya Devi CIVI & MECH. 3
12 H&SS U20OE630EH Design Thinking Ms. Malini Civil, CSE, CSE (AI&ML), ECE, EEE, IT, MECH 3
13 H&SS U20OE6XXHS Advanced Course in Entrepreneurship Mr. K.I. spurgeon Civil, CSE, CSE (AI&ML), ECE, EEE, IT, MECH 3
14 Maths U2085610MA Critical Reasoning Talent Sprint Civil, CSE, CSE (AI&ML), ECE, EEE, IT, MECH 3

Note: Those students who have taken basic course in Entrepreneurship previously are only eligible to take the course on "Advanced course in Entrepreneurship