(A) Circular : B.E. III Semester Open Elective Registration Schedule.

(B) List of 2 credit courses

S. No Department Course Code Name of the Course Stream  Type Stream Name Name of Faculty Member Branches that can opt No. of Credits
1 Civil U22OE310CE Green Buildings General - Sri. J. Chaitanya CSE, CSE(AIML), ECE, EEE, Mech. & IT 2
2 CSE U220E320CS Programming Essentials In Python Stream AIML T. Susmitha Civil, EEE, ECE, Mech. 2
3 CSE U220E310CS Introduction to Python Programming General - T. Priyanka Civil, EEE, ECE, Mech. 2
4 ECE U220E340EC Introduction to Signals and Systems Stream Communication Engineering Dr.Ch.Vijaya Durga CSE, CSE(AIML) & IT 2
5 ECE U220E310EC Mathematical Programming for Engineers General - Ms. R. Leelavathi Civil, CSE, CSE(AIML), EEE, Mech,  IT 2
6 EEE U22OE310EE Non Conventional Energy Sources General - Mr. U.Elisha Civil, CSE, CSE(AI &ML),  ECE,
IT, Mechanical
7 Mech U220E320ME Fundamentals of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles General - Dr. Ch.V.K.N.5.N. Moorthy Civil, CSE, CSE(AI &ML),  ECE,  EEE,  IT 2
8 Mech U22OE310ME Introduction to Industrial Robotics Stream Robotics J. Kantharao Civil, CSE, CSE(AI &ML),  ECE,  EEE,  IT 2
9 IT U22OE320IT Computing Using Python Stream AIML Dr.S.k.Prashanth Civil, ECE, EEE, Mech 2
10 IT U22OE310IT Fundamentals of Python Programming General - Mrs. S.Aruna ECE, EEE, Mech,Civil 2
11 HSS U22OE310EH Learning to Learn General - Ms. LUCY All Branches 2
12 HSS U22OE360EH Constitution of India General - Mr. Vaishnav Kumar All Branches 2
13 HSS U22OE340EH Mastering Leadership General - Ms. S.Lucy All Branches 2
14 Maths U22OE320MA Complex Variables General - Dr. T.Ramprasad, Mr. M. Tirupathi Rao CSE, CSE (AIML), IT 2
15 Maths U22OE310MA Linear Algebra General - Dr.N.Vasudha Civil, EEE, ECE, Mech 2
16 Physics U22OE320PH Essentials of Semiconductor Physics Stream Semiconductors Physics and Device Application Dr Vanita Thakur EEE,MECH,CIVIL 2
17 Physics U22OE310PH Smart Materials and Applications General - Dr P Venkateswara Rao CSE,CSE-AIML, IT & ECE 2
18 Chem. U22OE310CH Polymeric Materials Stream Materials for Engineers Dr. E Hari Prasad All Branches 2

(C) Clubs and the skills one can develop

  • TOASTMASTERS : Communication is key to success
  • MUN : Model United Nations
  • ARTS : Mosaic Of Life
  • WRITERS’ CLUB : Unleash Your Thoughts
  • FILMMAKING : Speaking Through The Lens
  • PHOTOGRAPHY : Seize The Magic
  • DRAMATICS : All The World’s A Stage