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About Cisco

CISCO, founded in 1984 in California, USA, by Sandy Lerner and Leonard Bosack, is a monumental name to reckon with in the aura and religion of technology.

The founders have sown the seeds of networking technology and have pioneered assiduously to impact the dynamics of the economy at the macro level.

A stream of networking products like security devices, routing protocols, routers, switches, etc...has offered a revolutionary insight and has weaved a new thread of fabric for any domain.

Many glorious years, since inception, CISCO has hit a purple patch.

The stupendous success has made CISCO venture into academics to disseminate diligent expertise and embellish the professional growth of a computer engineer.

Be it Internetworking Products, live streaming, web conferencing, payment API's, for that matter, any domain - CISCO's contribution is scintillating.

The meteoric rise and a large spectrum of their innovative products in the Industry, has distinguished in itself, for every Network Engineer and coder - a DREAM company.

Cisco Networking Academy

It began as an act of community

In 1997, Cisco donated some Networking equipment to a local school. But no one was trained on it, so the gear sat unused.

This initial donation led to a valuable insight

Technology is truly powerful when combined with education. Cisco Networking Academy was born that day, trained the staff to build their Network

It became a Movement

Cisco Networking Academy quickly grew from a single school to become an ever-expanding community of students, educators, employers, NGOs, Cisco employees, and customers.

Now Cisco academies established in 180 countries to shape communities and economies around the globe. Cisco created a pipeline of technical talent ready to innovate and shape the future. Cisco is working with educators and instructors all over the world to deliver the best curricula for today’s world.

Cisco Academy has made in-kind contributions worth billions in tools, resources, and support to students, colleges, and instructors.

Vasavi College of Engineering associated with Cisco in the year 2001, to empower students with problem-solving skills and transformative technologies.

To be in sync with the exponential demand for skilled engineers, CISCO, globally started collaborating with the finest of the fine Engineering colleges, and Vasavi CISCO Academy is an offshoot of CISCO's pursuit of knowledge-seeking partners.

Vasavi's CISCO academy with the constant support of Management has flourished progressively in terms of aggressive training and crusading to upskill the student on par at the International level.

The selection of twelve students for pool-campus drive hiring by CISCO, with a very lucrative package just mirrors the quantum and efficacy of training at Vasavi CISCO Academy.

Vasavi CISCO Academy is committed to continue the legacy of quality, inspiration and widen the horizons of the brain.