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Faculty - Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Dr. T. Adilakshmi, Professor and head of the Department, has 27 years of teaching experience. The department has 23 well-qualified & experienced faculty members. Osmania University has recognized the department as a Research Center and two professors are recognized as Research Supervisors. The faculty members have varied academic interests and some of their specialized fields include Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Grid Computing, Image Processing, Cloud Computing etc. The department has been associated with eminent industries to carry-out research/consultancy work.

  1. Dr. T.Adilakshmi,  M.Tech, Ph.D., Professor & HOD
  2. Dr. Nagaratna P. Hegde,  M.Tech, Ph.D., Professor
  3. Dr. K. Srinivas ,  M.E, Ph.D , Associate Professor
  4. Ms. M. Sunitha Reddy,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  5. Mr. R. Sateesh Kumar,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  6. Mr. S. Vinay Kumar,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  7. Mr. M.S.V.Sashi Kumar,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  8. Dr. V.Sireesha,  M.Tech., Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  9. Mr. V.Punna Rao,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  10. Mr.C.Gireesh,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  11. Ms. B. Syamala,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  12. Mr. P. Narsaiah,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  13. Mr. I. Navakanth,  M.Tech., Assistant professor
  14. Smt. T.Jalaja,  M.Tech., Assistant professor
  15. Ms. T. Nishitha,  M.Tech., Assistant professor
  16. Mr. T. Saikanth,  M.Tech., Assistant professor
  17. Ms. M. Sudha Rani,  M.Tech., Assistant professor
  18. Ms. Garima Jain,  M.Tech., Assistant professor
  19. Ms. S. Komal Kour,  M.Tech., Assistant professor
  20. Ms. K.B. Bini,  M.Tech., Assistant professor
  21. Ms. Sindhe Swetha,  M.Tech., Assistant professor
  22. Ms. Mamatha Kencha ,  M.Tech., Assistant professor
  23. Ms. B. Sneha Lata ,  M.Tech , Assistant professor