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Faculty - Department of Computer Applications

Dr. P. Hemagiri Rao is Professor and Head of the Department. The Department has 6 highly qualified and experienced faculty members. The Department is full-fledged with the faculty consisting of a professor, two associate professors, three senior assistant professor and five assistant professors. The average experience of the faculty in the department is nine years. The faculty has specializations in the area like of Optimization Techniques. Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Clustering, Networking, Database and Data Mining.

  1. Dr. P. Hemagiri Rao,  M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D., Professor & HOD
  2. Ms. R. Sudha,  M.C.A, M.Tech., Associate Professor
  3. Mr. K. Rama Krishna,  M.C.A, M.Tech., Assistant Professor (Sr.Scale)
  4. Ms. K. Bindu Madhavi,  M.C.A, M.Tech, Assistant Professor
  5. Mr. M. Jitender Reddy,  M.C.A, M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  6. Mr. M. Praveen Kumar,  M.C.A, M.Tech., Assistant Professor