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Faculty - Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. T.Ramamohan Rao is Professor and Head of the Department. The Department has 29 faculty members. The Department is one of the well-established Mechanical Engineering Departments in the State. Majority of staff have industrial experience. The Department has made a significant progress in research at the Master’s and Doctrol levels. The faculty members of the department are actively engaged in research publication and dissemination of knowledge through guest lectures at various prestigious institutions.

  1. Dr. T.Ramamohan Rao,  M.Tech., Ph.D., Professor & HOD
  2. Dr. G.V.Ramana Murty,  M.Tech, Ph.D., Professor, Director A & A
  3. Dr. K.Kishore,  M.Tech, Ph.D., Professor & Director (T & P)
  4. Dr. A.Srinivas,  M.Tech, Ph.D., Professor
  5. Dr. C. Gururaja Rao,  M.Tech, Ph.D, Professor
  6. Dr. P. Varuna Reddy,  Ph.D, Adjunct Faculty
  7. Mr. K.Srinivasa Rao,  M.E., Associate Professor
  8. Dr. S.Venkataiah,  M.E., Ph.D., Associate Professor
  9. Dr. P.Venkateswara Rao,  M.Tech., Ph.D., Associate Professor
  10. Dr. P.V.Gopala Krishna,  M.E., Ph.D., Associate Professor
  11. Mr. K.Veladri,  M.E., Associate Professor
  12. Mr. VBS Rajendra Prasad,  M.Tech., Associate Professor
  13. Mr. B.Radha Krishna,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor (Sel.Gr.)
  14. Dr. J. Anjaneyulu,  M.Tech., Ph.D., Assistant Professor (Sr. Scale)
  15. Mr. S. Sreekrishna,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  16. Mr. M.Sudhakar,  M.E., Assistant Professor
  17. Dr. P.V.S.Subhashini,  M.Tech., Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  18. Mr. K.I.Spurgeon,  M.S., Assistant Professor
  19. Mr. D.Govinda Rao,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  20. Mr. B.Naga Manohar,  M.E., Assistant Professor
  21. Mr. B. Sandeep,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  22. Mr. N. B. Samba Murthy,  M.Sc. (Engg), Assistant Professor
  23. Mr. Venu Gopal Reddy,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  24. Mr. Suda Venkateswarulu,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  25. Ms. S. Kirthana,  M.E., Assistant Professor
  26. Mr. V.Pramod,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  27. Ms. Ch. Amareshwari,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  28. Mr. T. Krishna Chaitanya,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor
  29. Mr. Muhammad Luqhman,  M.Tech., Assistant Professor